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March 24, 2007


Ursula Clamer

It's great to see you back. I think you are an extremely talented person with many interesting things to say. I know I am biased as I am one of the lucky ones that get to call you Friend. Ux

Ro Bruhn

You create words very well Megan. Something many of us envy greatly.

Sharon Manning

Ursula is right, you don't always have to have something to show for it, but being creative is something that we put energy into every minute of the day.
I'm constantly trying to come up with new ideas and techniques, even when I am driving the kids to school!


Oh how much joy this entry gives me. If you have NOTHING... not a sausage then I am not alone in not finishing the altered book page. This would be truly wonderful as I will not be the only one who has to withinstand the look of disappointment.

On a more serious note, you have shared your creativity with more than you mention in that post. This little piece of fairy floss is painting in full blown colour thanks to your influence. You are a gem.

marie (emmcee)

Totally understand what you mean - I try to get into the creative possibilites when the kids ask for homework help cause often that is all I have time for - we both get a lot out of it tho! Love your son's flower painting !


Megan, this post in itself is creative. In addition you have inspired those around you in their creativity. Inspiration is a wonderful gift for you to give.

love Coby

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