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May 07, 2007



A very wise woman you are my friend. I am lucky to have you to give me support, even when I am better at giving it than receiving it you still perservere. A treasure in my life - up there with the golf balls! Thank you.


Ro Bruhn

What a fabulous story and oh so true, I hope you don't mind Megan if I jot it down in my journal, just to remind me on the days my boss thinks the world revolves around business.
Thanks for sharing


Megan, your words are so wise. They are a timely reminder for me as I am feeling overwhelmed at the moment. Thank you for sharing the story.

Much love


Susan Tuttle

I love the way you think about the Universe--I'm right there with ya! Ever check out www.tut.com ? It's awesome--I signed up for free last year and get personalized messages from the Universe each day--most days they are eerily (sp? even a word?) true and pertinent.



Yes indeed you are a real thinking blogger. great reads, thanks for sharing. Love the star fish too.


A perfect day for reading this story ... how true it is! It was brought home to me how important those golf balls are and how fleeting time is. Today I visited my 83-yr.-old friend who had a stroke, held her hand, told her I loved her & reflected on all the wonderful times we shared. Those coffees are always worth stopping for.

You have a lovely family - enjoy!!


I love this post...i can so relate to the jar and what we need to focus on as we will the space around us. Beautiful family photos...
thank you for your kind comment! Happy Mother's day to you! xoxoox

rc helicopter

Impressive blog! -Arron

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