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May 18, 2007


Sharon Manning

Love the kookaburra, we have plenty of them around here and you can almost walk up and touch them before they fly off!


Sorry, can't assist with the symbol.

kristen robinson

Megan I think these photos are incredible. I love the arch in the first photo, interested in selling a copy I would love to pop it into my book.


Ro Bruhn

Megan, you have me quessing now, I've checked out some of my books on symbols and nothing like this appears, good luck with the hunt, I'd be interested too if you find out.



Hi there. I found you through emcee's blog. I was so intrigued to see your cemetery pics with the s symbol. I asked this same question on my own blog some time ago and no-one could answer it. I take a lot of cemetery photos, so I looked up some sites about tombstone symbols and found the usual information but still nothing about the s. When, or if, you discover it's meaning I would love to know , if you would be so kind.

Ursula Clamer

Hi Megan, I have seen this symbol before but do not know what it means. I have sent a quick email to my inlaws as they always seem to know unusual info so they may know...will let you know what they come back with! Ux


Megan - love your photos. I used to be so creeped out by cemeteries but now I love to walk through and take photos too. I have found some info on the symbolism. The "s" is actually part of a monogram, IHS. It stands for "in hoc salus". You can read more about here:

and here:



Hi, Megan - just dropped in for some 'culture' - love the pics - When I lived in Munich I would take my 'then' 3 year old to play in a walled cemetary nearby - when it snowed. There would loads of children playing and it always seemed quite magical.


Hi Megan, just saw your e-mail. I see your friend has posted some info in the comments, I'll go have a look.
My photo was posted on Wednesday, Nov.15th. The post is titled 'Not Happy Jan'. Go to 2006 in the archives and scroll nearly all the way down. It's a celtic cross with the s on it.


I love the kookaburra ... your post reminded me of a hot summer's day when one of my nieces and I went off to an old cemetery and we took paper and charcoal and did some tombstone etchings.

There's something about old cemeteries that is fascinating.

Susan Tuttle

What beautiful shots you took in the old cemetery. I love to visit them as well. We have lots of tiny ones (no more than 10 graves) sprinkled around Maine. They exist next to old farmsteads--so cool.

Thanks for sharing!



Great pics Megan, and love the kookaburra. Thanks for your recent comments on my blog, sorry it's taken so long to get back to you. Bit hectic here at the moment.

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