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September 02, 2007


Ursula Clamer

What beautiful words for people who obviously mean a lot to you. Good luck with the move and I hope you really enjoy your temporary new home. Ux

Susan Tuttle

Congratulations on your new home!--how wonderful that you can move right next door--how often does that happen!?

Happy Father's Day!



Very nice indeed. Not sure abut that footy jumper - he's wearing the wrong one, should be red white and blue - roosters!!!

ro bruhn

Good luck with the move Megan, I don't quite understand, will you be moving back into your old home or staying in the new one?

Julie H

Beautiful post Megan - Dad's are so very special, and those cupcakes look delicious - I must go put some tea on.

kristen robinson

What a lovely post Megan. I wish you much joy in your new home!


That is exciting - your move! It looks as if you celebrated Father's Day in fine style. Our Father's Day occurs in June. I've always thought it was the same in Australia, so I've learned something new.

The cupcakes and loafs looked delicious and I'm wishing that I could have one!

Beautiful, heartfelt artfelt post.

kate ox

p.s. please post pics of your new garden!

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