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September 20, 2007



Looking awesome Megan. Hope all is well. happy birthday - la la la la la to RED!!!

Michelle Ward

happy birthday jp!

and congrats on the new home. that is so exciting megan. may you making many happy memories within it's lovely walls.

Susan Tuttle

Congratulations on the move to your beautiful new home!! Happy birthday to your son!



What a sweetie JP is! I love his hair and smile. Oh, I wish I had tasted this cake. There's something about Smarties on a birthday cake that always makes me smile. Lucky, lucky boy!!

And thank you for posting the before and after pictures of your house. It is beautiful! I am really happy for you ... soon all the boxes will be unpacked and you'll get back to your art!


Hi Megan

Congratulations on the big move and a belated congratulations to your little man on his 11th birthday. I hope that he had a wonderful day.

Love Coby

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