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July 05, 2008



Love the new layout M! You are indeed lucky to have such a wonderful friend as Ursula! The sweets from Paris look divine... actually too good to eat! xoJ9


Love the new look Megan. I thought, this could only be Ursula you were talking about, what a great friend. What yummy looking treats, too good to eat, they are real eye candy.


I'm glad that the charcoal drawing is in the banner. You're drawings from that day were beautiful and I recall thinking that I wish I saw you draw freely more often.

You are lucky to have a special friend close by who has a patient streak when it comes to technology.

Judy Wilkenfeld

You are a scream - i could have told you about unwrapping the image box - had to do it on the abrr blog too - took a while and i am not even blonde! looks great.


Your new blog re-do looks great! Isn't it wonderful to have friends like that who are so patient and willing to help out? All of my computer education was self-taught and I know how frustrating it can be ;) Hope this finds you well... xox Deb


oooh! Those pink sweets look delightful, and your photo looks just like a magazine. Congratulations on the blog revamp, feels good!

Julia Rose

Hi Megan,

Love your new header....so sophisticated!!!!......and shows your
wonderful art ability....
Hope you're having a great time with your artwork...is Sydney as cold as Melbourne...brrrrrrr.....

Julie H

Hi Megan, you do have a wonderful friend! Your banner is gorgeous and I now think we all need a French friend ;)


IN no time you will be sailing through all that technology, if you have teenage kids they really rub your nose in it, so feel good. Great banner, I love changing mine as often as I can. Cheers from very cold and ugly Newtown.


your blog is looking great megan! and those pink sweets look like they would definately taste like the smell of flowers.... and sugared almonds - yummmmm, my favourites!
xo samm


The blog makeover looks great and the new banner too! Love your pics from the retreat, so glad you had a lovely time.xox M

Ursula Clamer

You are very welcome my dear friend. I like the new look and colours that you chose. Unfortunately the poor quality of the photos in the banner do not truly show the quality of your talent....I would love to rectify this. Ux


I miss that 'Ursula' all the time... she is one special girl. Blog looks gorgeous!

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