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November 01, 2008



thank you for sharing this information. it comes at a much needed time for me.


Told you that they were beautiful. I'm glad that you found time to go.

ro bruhn

What a thrill, imaging finding them and how lucky you Sydney siders
are to have them visit your town, I hope they come to Melbourne.

Ursula Clamer

Sounds amazing, will have to try to get there to see for myself. Thanks for the heads up. Ux

karen cole

Pretty incredible, Megan.

Once again, I wish I could just transport myself instantly around the world. Got to get working on that.

Thanks for the visit!


How intriguing! That may be my outing for tomorrow. Thanks for the link.


how amazing it would be to see such an exhibit! thanks for sharing the video and link... i am off to see the site. xoxooxo

Julia Rose

Nice to see you blogging again, I check your blog regularly to see what you are up to...hope all is well..
Wish I could have seen this exhibition...thanks for sharing the YT....xxx

Susan Tuttle

Oh my -- absolutely amazing. I can only imagine how the people who found these Buddhas felt upon their discovery.



There must be lots of destroyed statues buried in 1959 or later in Tibet, too. I wonder if they will be found with the same feelings some day.


How amazing - and how very lucky you have been able to view them in person!

Miz Katie

I just found your blog. Really enjoyed watching this video. I'm going to add you to my google reader. I hope you blog again soon.

Judy Wilkenfeld

Ooooh - on my way, well not at this time of the morning but maybe tomorrow if its still on thanks for the link. Happy New Year to you and your family.

Julia Rose

Hi Megan,
How are things in your part of Australia?...
I hope you are having a nice holiday break?...
I check your blog a bit, but you dont seem to be as mad about it as I am...I bet you're looking forward to the Art retreat coming up in Sydney this year?...it's too exy for me as I am watching the money this year, after having had my daughter's wedding last year.....so will just be doing Michelle Browns watercolour flowers via internet this year...
HAppy New Year from me anyway....xx

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