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February 03, 2009


Julia Rose

Hi Megan,
I KNOW about those lists....they can kill just being in the moment, and creating, and having fun!!!....
Necessary but not nice sometimes...But I do enjoy crossing off things on my lists with a huge black sharpie...
I give myself one day a week that is ART DAY...so everything else can go look after itself....LOL
I have nominated you for the Marie Antoinette REAL person award...as I have actually met you and you are more real than some other people I know...Know you deserve time for your art...you really do....xx


Someone once told me I have my priorities right. I iron something just before I wear it, then I don't have to do it twice. I sweep the floor when it needs it, not because it's a certain day of the week and I spend more time in my studio than I do in the rest of the house, that way only my studio gets untidy. They're probably right. My children have grown and left home and that DOES make a difference.


Yep.. and having your studio smack bang in the middle of the house means you wander by a thousnd times a day and have a little poke at something.. or. it becoes storage for all the busys that happen...

Ursula Clamer

Oh boy, does that sound and feel sooo familiar! I hope tomorrow comes soon. Ux


You've moved? I am so behind in what is happening in your life. I've just spent the past while getting caught up on your blog ~ oh yes, I know what you are talking about ~ where does the day go?? It was good to read about the art retreat. That must have been wonderful! You are looking great ~~


When I first read this a while ago, I thought to myself I must comment. Evidently because I didn't write it on a list... it didn't get done!

My first thought was perhaps one that is in discord with your thoughts and those who have commented before me. The thought was - ah, but you accomplish much; it's your list that is wrong.

Sometimes we set ourselves tasks - I must clean the house. We tidy a little but run out of time. So in our mind, we didn't achieve much. This is why the list is wrong.

Recently I had a day where I felt quite overwhelmed by life. I got a piece of paper and wrote a list of things I wanted to do that day. There were 5 things on the list. I did all 5. Why? The things on the list were realistic for my situation. They mirrored what I could actually accomplish that day. Instead of clean the kitchen - my list said something like take out the garbage, un-pack and re-pack the dishwasher.

Perhaps the next time your pick up your kids and find yourself thinking that you haven't done much, where did the time go, consider when you let the kids in the door taking 2 minutes to grab a piece of paper and writing all the things you did do that day, no matter how small. If I'm right there will be plenty on the list.

If that is the case... I challenge you to re-consider your lists!

Martina Hart

Hi Megan
So lovely to meet you at Creative Soul retreat. Hopefully we can get together again in Sydney. You write really well as well. The thoughts in this post are so true. It doesn't matter how old the kids get, we still have just stuff to do. Still, it makes us value the time we do get for our srt.


Just dropping in to say hi and hope things are going well ~ xo Deb


That is an amazing sculpture!

I do love lists!

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