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October 16, 2010



What a fab dress. The Re-Issue cover is awesome! I remember talking about this project when you were in New York!

Megan Pickwell

Yes Marie - That very same project! And your suggestion for using the interfacing for the paper was well and truly used.
How goes it in Perth? Are the exams going OK there?
We have two down. another two tomorrow. I think at this stage they just want to get it over with.
Your Perth post looks stunning - must be nice to escape the cold, and nice to mother the boys no doubt.
It was absolutely freezing here yesterday, Sean almost froze on the cricket sideline. It is all about cricket for Jamie now - they have already left for todays rep game, that leaves me on
focus the studier duty and maybe a bit of studio time amidst the usual stuff.
Have a great day and talk soon.

Martina Hart

Of course you may brag. It's wonderful. Such an imaginative design and the cover is amazing. It is always wonderful to see what they con come up with when left to themselves ( with a little help of course). Only a few exams to go. It is quite surrealo how life changes for the whole family when the HSC is ocer.


wow.... she did an amazing job... that dress is fabulous! i love it!
congrats to her!

Tracy verdugo

Hi Megan..I hope Melbourne works out for you. I'm so excited about Flora's visit! Thanks also for the inspiration in sharing your daughters work. My daughter is doing HSC this year with major works in both textiles and visual arts plus I'm studying for my ine Arts degree at the same time. i think you and I have a lot in common. lets keep in touch and see what happens...would love to collaborate on some workshops in the future. have a lovely day and you can find me on Skype if you feel like some artchat!
Tracy x


Well done Ally! Amazing.

Lorri Scott

Fabulous!! How very creative of her, you should be proud, she should be proud!


Thanks Lori - very proud indeed.

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